Making Brands More Human.

A consultancy born at the intersection of brands, humanity, culture, and profit. We help brands resolve internal crises and refocus on external opportunities through a lens of humanity, design systems, and sustainability. We assemble alchemic teams to fix problems of velocity, technology, or emotions.

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Our Mission

We make brands more human. While each path to humanity is unique, it’s always based in relieving tension between the brand and the user, seller and buyer, listener and storyteller.

We shine when we’re solving problems that seem too big to handle, or too small to matter. Though we are typically brought in first during times of crisis and clean-up - more and more brands are acting proactively, thinking ahead, bringing us in, and giving us a seat at their table.

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What's it like to walk in someone else's shoes, our out-loud thinking

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  • Sep 26th, 2019

    #culture, #leadership

    What Does Lipstick and Pigs Have to do With Empathy?

    There’s a southern saying that goes, “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”. Or loosely translated: you can make superficial changes to fix the symptoms, but it won’t fix the cause or the root of the problem.

    Matty Ayers

    Chief Empathy Office

  • Sep 23rd, 2019

    #archetypes, #design

    Everything You’ve Been Told is Bullshit: Showing Up isn’t 1/2 the Battle

    “You’ll find someone when you stop looking”; “Never give up”; “It’s the thought that counts”. By now, many of us have figured out that a significant portion of the common advice and so-called principles that gets dolled out, while well meaning, are

    Aeryk Payne

    Director of Digital

  • Sep 23rd, 2019

    #archetypes, #design

    You Have A New Connection

    We live in the most hyper-connected time in human history. But while the reach of our collective connectedness is instant, going further than ever before, our urge to connect is far from revolutionary.

    Aeryk Payne

    Director of Digital


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The Rules We Live By

We used to have core value statements, and mission statements, and vision statements, and codes of conduct - and everything in between - but we quickly realized that it all boiled down to one single rule to rule them all:

People Matter Most.

From the way we do business, to how we structure our statements of work, discoveries, processes, and payments, you matter most. 

When we’re clarifying your purpose, your process, your many touchpoints - or really anything in between, your customer matters most. 

At the end of the day, if you aren’t prioritizing people, you’re doing it wrong.

Speaking of People, Meet Ours,format

We come fully stocked. You could say we’re an all-size-fits-one consultancy.

Working with Matty, the team at Empathy Office is a breath of fresh air. Experiences at other firms often left us feeling overwhelmed and confused. EO takes the time for discovery, research, then presents the results in a professional manner that is easy to comprehend. Strategic, brand savvy, and creative. Also tons of fun. They leave us energized and excited. We will continue working with them on all our pursuits!

D. Jaudes, Vice President of Multifamily Development, McWhinney

8 Core Abilities

Our focus is on making brands more relevant, authentic, and human


Empathy Advantage

We create meaningful experiences and interactions that build an emotional connection through understanding, authenticity, and humanity. In other words, it’s the human angle. We often experience understanding through a lense of wanting to be understood, but it’s more than just understanding - or even wanting to understand. It’s stepping outside who you are, and focusing on what you are to and for your customer. The Empathy Advantage puts people first; it’s an exercise in compassion, meaning, and connecting with your customer on a fundamental level. 


Discovery + Therapy

Call this our fact-finding mission. We’ll dive deep into your company structure, identify existing and potential internal crises, and clean up any messes. Then, we give you the tools and insight to realign and connect with your brand, customers and employees with empathy, humanity and purpose. This, in turn, prepares you to fully exploit external opportunities with renewed value. 


Brand Strategy and Architecture

By building a people-driven strategy, we create brands that not only resonates with them on a visceral and emotional level, but also matters to who they are. Every step of the way, we focus on actions that shape how your brand connects to the values of your customer, and understands their challenges and their celebrations.   


Verbal Brand Development

Words matter. But it’s so much more than just words. We’ll cultivate a point of view; identify what drives your brand; its ethos, humanity, humility, and character. We’ll develop what you say and how you say what you say. Ultimately, we’ll define your brand’s personality, from which an emotional connection can form. 


Visual Brand Development

Beyond just a typeface, a color palette, imagery, and design, we create brands that have warmth, personality, perspective, and presence. They speak volumes without needing to say a word(though we’ll have plenty of those for you, as well). We’ll develop your visual brand to reflect an awareness of your customer as real-life human beings. 


Digital Innovation and Enhancement

From content to web design and UX/UI design to digital interiors, we’ll create powerful content and digital experiences that validate, build bonds, and encourage meaningful participation, that makes your audience feel like your digital presence puts them first. Far from generic, we’ll create a curated digital world where your brand can connect with real people. 


Culture Correction and Insight

Your culture and your people are the most important assets you have when building a relevant and compelling brand and company. More than just your values or saying the right things, social responsibility, awareness and action are one of the most important metrics in building and sustaining an emotional connection with your customer. We’ll identify where fixes can be made and focus on creating new, purpose-driven opportunities. Making your brand more human also depends largely on the humans behind your brand. In short, nothing works without the right team. Whether it’s attainment or retainment, we’ll provide insight and strategies into putting together people that can forge meaningful connections with your brand and customer 


Spacial and Place-making

Your brand experience includes the spaces where it’s created. Customer facing or not, we’ll use an empathic approach to make your offices, workspaces, residences, and even hospitals more human, more relevant, and more intuitive to the people occupying them, and by doing so, we’ll align a complete brand experience with your audience’s overt and latent desires.